Workin’ at the Car Wash

//Workin’ at the Car Wash

Workin’ at the Car Wash

Not only is it nice to keep the outside of your vehicle clean, but it is also important to maintain the tidiness of the inside. Getting your vehicle professionally detailed can get pricey; so, here a few ideas for how to best keep up the interior of your vehicle.

What You Will Need

  • Vacuum
  • Chemical cleaning products compatible with vinyl, cloth or leather
  • Wipes and microfiber cloths
  • Dusters or brushes


There are many different styles of upholstery, and we will discuss a few; but, before you begin it is important to first vacuum all seats and carpets off thoroughly in advance to applying any cleaning product.


Any multipurpose upholstery cleaner will work well for this type of vehicle seat upholstery. Be certain to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct cleaning process.

*Avoid using too much cleaner or liquid. The more damp seats become the harder it will be for the fabric to dry, leaving your car smelling musty.

*An alternative to the common odor eliminator sprays is baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on cloth vehicle seats. Let it sit for 10-15 mins, the longer the better it will absorb odors. Next vacuum up the remaining baking soda and your car should smell like brand new.


Perhaps one of the easiest upholsteries to clean would be vinyl. To clean this type of upholstery first find a multipurpose cleaner that is compatible with vinyl. Then, spray the seats with the cleaner and simply wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

*Again, avoid using an excessive amount of cleaner and if you do happen to do so use a second dry cloth to wipe off anything remaining.

Floor Mats

There are several ways to clean your vehicle’s floor mats.

  • Go to the car wash to vacuum/shake them off and use the pressure washer to wash. There are sometimes even places where you can clip your floor mats up for an easier wash/dry time.
  • Using your own household carpet cleaner on floor mats is also efficient. This might also save some of your loose change.

*Make sure before replacing your floor rugs into your vehicle that they have had time to dry thoroughly to prevent an unpleasant odor.


When dusting your vehicle pay special attention to dashboards, air vents, console controls, and door panels. Along with a regular duster, vacuums or cans of compressed air will help to get the dust out of those, small, tough to reach places.


While cleaning glass make sure to spray the cleaner onto the cloth first then proceed to wipe the glass. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the glass, this will help to prevent streaks.

*Wiping in an “S” formation will also help rid your vehicle’s windows of obvious streaks.

  • Roll windows down to wipe away the dirt/debris that has collected along the top of the window
  • Be aware of tinted windows. Some cleaning products, especially those containing ammonia, can damage or peal tinting.


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