Winter is Coming: Tips on Preparing Your Yard for Winter

//Winter is Coming: Tips on Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Winter is Coming: Tips on Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Winter months are almost upon us, which means it is time to start preparing our yards. Here are a few ideas for how to best get your yard into winter-ready shape.

  1. Plant clean up

Pull from your yard any old, dead or rotting plants. Removing plants like these from your yard will help to not only make your yard look nicer, but prevent pests from moving in early come the spring months.

Burying dead plants in your garden can also be a benefit because it adds organic matter to the garden’s soil.

  1. Pull Weeds

Pull invasive weeds from your yard to prevent them from continuing to sprout in the spring and summer.

  1. Lawn Care

Aerating and fertilizing your lawn before winter sets in can be good practices. However, spreading grass seed to promote growth over the winter can be a lawn saver.

  1. Garden Tools

Clean and put away your garden tools. Before you store them for the winter consider oiling your tools to help seal the metal and protect against rust. This will extend their longevity.

  1. Other Yard Décor

Along with your plants, gardens and lawns do not forget about the other items in your yard that should be put away for the winter. Items such as yard hoses; you should put your hoses away to prevent them from becoming damaged, but also to keep water from entering your home’s pipes. If you leave your yard hose out during the winter water can possibly find its way inside your house pipes. This water can freeze and cause pipes to crack.

You should also store any patio furniture or fabric cushions that you have outside (check out our blog for tips on how to clean your patio furniture).

Let us know how you get your home and yard ready for winter.

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