The Unconventional Green Thumb

//The Unconventional Green Thumb

The Unconventional Green Thumb

For those of us who do not possess the allusive “green thumb” plastic and silk plants can be a lifesaver. This false foliage is a nice addition to brighten up any room/space inside or outside of your home. However, unbeknownst to some, these plants, even though they are nonliving, still require a small amount of attention. Your imitation plants still need to be washed and dusted periodically to avoid them looking old and dingy. Here are a few ways in which you can accomplish this task.


Plastic succulents or other shrubberies with leaves can be dusted using several different methods, yet all are effective.

  • Use a feather duster to dust leaves, shoots, and all other parts of your plants. A feather duster will help to maintain a dust-free plant by attracting dust particles, but in a gentle way so as not to damage the plant.
  • A wet or dry microfiber can be used to wipe dust and debris off of leaves.
  • Take the plant outside, if it is small enough to be mobilized, and simply shake the dust off of it.
  • Use the small hose attachment on your vacuum to remove hard to reach dust from the plants.
  • If you chose to, you can also submerge the plastic plant in water or spray it off with a hose to get rid of dust. If you use this method make certain that the plant is dried off completely. Lay it on a towel, or place in direct sunlight to wick away all moisture.


Silk flowers can make gorgeous arrangements with their vibrant colors. However, if not properly taken care of these flowers can easily lose their vibrancy and become dingy.

  • Use a damp microfiber to softly wipe away dust from petals and leaves.
  • Compressed air is also a great solution for getting into those tight and tough to reach spaces where dirt can hide on a silk flower.
  • Try using a hairdryer on low heat and low speed to knock off dust and debris from the flowers.
  • Silk flowers can also be washed. Frist spot test on the flower to see if any damage might be caused by putting it into water. Then gently swish the flower in a mixture of room temperature water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Rotate the flower in the water until all the debris has come loose. Next, lay the flower out on a towel to allow it to dry thoroughly before placing it back into its arrangement.

Do any of you dabble in the area of imitation plant life? If so, what methods do you use to keep your plants looking luscious?


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