The Filter was Clogged. . .

//The Filter was Clogged. . .

The Filter was Clogged. . .

As we kick on and crank up our heating systems for the winter it is also time to change out furnace filters. Unfortunately, whether your furnace is located in the creepy crawl space under your home or within easy access it is important to make changing out the filter a priority.

So, Why Change the Filter

One of the main reasons to change out your furnace filter is to simply reduce the number of allergens, such as dust, pet dander, mold spores, and bacteria; which circulate within your home’s air.

Save Money

Changing out your furnace filters regularly can reduce your overall heating costs by providing you with a steady and consistent airflow. Unclean filters can become clogged, thus making your furnace work harder to circulate airflow. It is because of this decrease in airflow that furnace parts can become worn out and will need more repairs or be replaced sooner than usual. Changing out the filters can decrease or eliminate these unnecessary costs.

Better Air Quality

Unchanged filters have the potential to make you and your family sick. Air quality within your home can become stagnant. Filters can grow bacteria, even causing the spread of mold spores throughout your home. This can obviously affect allergies, instigate coughing and sneezing fits, trigger asthma, and even produce long term respiratory problems.

Signs your Filter Needs Changing

  • More dust than usual around your home and/or air vents
  • Stagnant air and the smell of a “dust” odor
  • Unexplained congestion and/or allergy symptoms

How Often to Change your Filter

  • For a 1-2 inch filter – change every three months
  • For a 4 inch filter – change every six months
  • For a 5 inch filter – change once a year

However, if you have pets (more than one) you should be checking your filter, regardless of size, every 45 days.


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