Tackling the Mail Monster

//Tackling the Mail Monster

Tackling the Mail Monster

Since we are still in winter mode for cleaning, another good area to attack is the Mail Monster.

Through rain, sleet or snow, our mail arrives daily with bills, statements and a daily dose of magazines and flyers.  Left unattended, it will quickly pile up.

One of our favorite plans of attack is to sort through mail immediately upon our initial point of contact.  Whether it is at the post office or the front door, sort and toss the first time you handle your mail.  Sometimes there is nothing left to save after tossing all the catalogs, promotional flyers and intriguing non descript envelopes with no return addresses.

A great way to manage catalogs and flyers is through DMAchoice – an online tool that assists you with managing your mail.  You can stop receiving mail from individual companies or from entire categories!  They are a non-profit organization.  Last time we checked, there was a $2 fee for 10 years to help fund their administrative costs.  I am not sure if I am ready to let go of the pretty pictures that I leisurely peruse over with a glass of wine and my credit card… but it may be time!

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