Off to COLLEGE!!!!!

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Off to COLLEGE!!!!!

The thought of leaving for college is petrifying to say the least. What’s even scarier is thinking about having to pack up everything you own and decide what’s worth taking with you. However, there is a series of steps you can take to ensure that you take only what you need and that you do it in the most organized and efficient way possible.

Coordinate with your Roommate

·       For shared furniture, you and your roommate can split the cost, then sell it at the end of the year if you part ways with each other. Dorm rooms are, as we all know, not all that sizeable. Talk with your future roommate to learn what each of you plan on bringing in order to avoid having 2 of everything.

Take Inventory

  • The less stuff you take with you to college, the better. You end up moving a lot within those years and there isn’t much storage in a dorm.
  • It is important to know what all you own in order to sort your belongings into what typically turns into three different categories.
    • Must-have, maybe, and toss/donate

Pack Accordingly

  • The necessities for school are: clothes, bedding, and appliances. Make sure to pack enough clothes to get you through about two weeks. You will have access to do laundry when you need to and your closet isn’t nearly big enough to take everything you currently own.
  • If you have an idea of what the climate is like in your school’s city it can really help narrow down what all you will need.
    • If you’re moving to an area such as California or Florida, I beg of you to not even think about packing that giant winter coat you own.
  • Clothing wise you probably have a general idea already of what you should take:
    • Seasonal clothing
    • Workout and sleep attire
    • Shower shoes
    • Good walking shoes – your classes are further away than you may think and you don’t want to be walking that far in this season’s hottest new heels
    • Business professional/formal clothes for any possible interviews, meetings, and other events
  • For bedding, you will need the following: fitted sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, and a comforter
    • If possible, buy 2 sets of sheets and pillow cases for when you choose to wash the set you’re currently using

Tip: Pillowcases build up with dirt, oils, sweat, and bacteria which can contribute to acne and damage your hair so be sure to wash your pillowcases frequently

Save Space

  • Pack your belongings in containers that will be useful to you in the future such as laundry baskets, unused trashcans, and of course suitcases. This is especially helpful if you plan on driving to your school and can’t afford to take any unnecessary boxes.

Happy packing to everyone!


Claire Studiner is a high school student and this week’s guest blogger.  She WILL be attending college in the Fall.  Thank you for filling in for Brandy who is busy as she is GETTING MARRIED – Congrats Brandy  and Nick:)

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