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BEST Commercial Cleaning Service in Billings and Laurel

COVERT Cleaning, Inc. provides south-central Montana with professional, commercial janitorial services.
Commercial office cleaning services usually include larger cleaning tasks that are performed periodically throughout the year, rather than day to day cleaning. Washing carpets, cleaning and sanitizing workstations and desktops, steam cleaning furniture, and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, are common commercial cleaning tasks undertaken in office settings. Businesses may also hire commercial cleaners following renovations, or before and after moving premises, to minimize disruption to the workplace.
  • Commercial deep cleaning can includes washing down walls, sanitizing high-touch surfaces, carpet shampooing and more.
  • Commercial building cleaning may involve specialist cleaning measures depending on the building usage.
  • Commercial floor cleaning may use heavy duty equipment to compensate for the additional wear and tear in public spaces.
COVERT Cleaning takes care of all your cleaning needs. We provide janitorial services for all business schedules, customizing to fit your needs. Whether nightly, weekly or monthly, we provide the frequency our clients want for their cleaning.
COVERT Cleaning will use the newest cleaning techniques and equipment to keep your business clean. We provide Green Seal Certified products, as requested, to keep your business Green. We maintain updated SDS sheets in all accounts in order to keep your building GHS compliant with government standards for safety.
COVERT Cleaning partners with other cleaning professionals to provide you with the best service. Our professional partners include; disaster restoration teams, carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaning technicians and window cleaners.
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Commercial Cleaning Service in Billings

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