I Got 99 Cleaning Supplies, but I Can’t Find 1

//I Got 99 Cleaning Supplies, but I Can’t Find 1

I Got 99 Cleaning Supplies, but I Can’t Find 1

So, you’ve got it all; bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, etc. but you can never seem to find the one that you need. What a mess! Unorganized supply closets or cabinets can be stressful to maneuver when it comes time to start your cleaning routine. Here are a few useful organizational tips to get those supply areas in tip-top shape.


Utilizing inexpensive totes or baskets in your supply closets or under sink cabinets is a great method to use to keep cleaning supplies organized. Use baskets to store cloth rags, sponges, or dusters. This will keep them for laying on surfaces that can potentially become soiled before cleaning.

Shoe Racks

Why it may seem strange, shoe racks have numerous uses when it comes to organizing a cleaning supply closet. Use a clear hanging shoe organizer, hung on the back of a door, to store/organize cleaning supplies. These are helpful because one “shoe space” can hold one cleaning product. This makes it easier and quicker, to not only find what you are looking for but to replace it after use. Hanging shoe racks can also be hung inside a closet to hold paper products such as extra rolls of paper towel.

Shower Curtain/Curtain Rods

Use a spring-loaded shower curtain/curtain rod, either in a closet or under a sink, to hang spray bottles from their spray handles. You can also use the rods as a place to hang cleaning rags or other fabric products.

Wall Space

While sometimes it may be in short supply, try mapping out free wall space in your home to make a designated cleaning station. Check for free wall space in a laundry or mud rooms. Hang hooks for dustpans and brooms. Hang shelving to hold totes/baskets of cleaning supplies. Having all your supplies visible, and in one space, will help to keep you organized.


When organizing your cleaning supply locations it is also vital that you make certain these areas are safe. Keep closets and cabinets, where chemical supplies are stored, locked and secure from children. If you choose to keep cleaning supplies on shelves, ensure that all products are out of reach.

Using these organizational methods will have you on your way to a streamline supply closet in no time.



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