How to Clean Your Garage in Three Easy Steps

//How to Clean Your Garage in Three Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Garage in Three Easy Steps

Before the summer and warm weather comes to an end, its time to start thinking about getting your garage organized. Don’t know where to start tackling this major project? No worries, here is a simple outline for how to easily accomplish cleaning out your garage.

  1. Get Organized

Start by decluttering. Take everything out of your garage and organizing it into a keep, donate, toss or sell pile. Use a section of your yard or driveway to spread these piles and other equipment out in. What you choose to keep should then be organized into plastic, sealed, storage containers. These containers not only protect your items from possible water or rodent damage but are easy to stack together and keep things looking neat. Consider installing shelving units to place containers on or cabinets for extra storage. Use wall hooks or pegboard as a way to hold loose equipment and tools.

  1. Deep Clean

Once all the clutter is out of your garage it is now the most ideal time to begin cleaning. Start from top to bottom. Use a Webster to dust webs away from light fixtures and corners of the ceiling. If you already have shelving or cabinets in your garage then begin dusting/wiping them down. If you can, wash garage walls with warm water and any household cleaner of your choice. You can even use a sponge mop to help you reach the very top of the walls. Finish off by sweeping and mopping the garage floors. Use cat litter and dish soap, while scrubbing with a wire brush, to remove motor oil stains from concrete flooring.

  1. Put it All Back

You’re all done! Allow everything to dry thoroughly before putting any items back into the garage (i.e. floors, shelving, etc.). Take out the trash, take items for donation to your nearest thrift store, and any items you’d like to sell can now be prepped for a garage sale.

See how easy cleaning out your garage can be. Have you organized your garage recently? What tips can you pass on to others?

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