How Many People Does it Take to Clean a Light Bulb?

//How Many People Does it Take to Clean a Light Bulb?

How Many People Does it Take to Clean a Light Bulb?

Ever feel like your house seems dark and dreary? Ever consider it just might be your light fixtures that are causing the problem? Well, it can be a quick fix, all they need is a good scrub. Cleaning your light fixtures seems like it could be a tricky and tough project to tackle. However, with these tips, cleaning your fixtures will be a breeze.

Light Bulbs

Although it might not be obvious, the first step when cleaning your light fixtures is to start with the light bulbs themselves.

  • Unscrew light bulbs from the fixture, make sure they are cool to the touch
  • Clean away any accumulated dust from the bulb using a rag or microfiber cloth
  • Replace the lightbulbs

When cleaning light bulbs use a gentle amount of pressure to avoid shattering them.


Lampshade maintenance is also an important phase when cleaning light fixtures. A clean lampshade helps to improve the quality of light spread throughout the rooms in your home.


  • Wipe down any dust from the lampshade with a dry cloth or using a glass cleaner


  • Vacuum the lampshade gently to remove dust
  • Use any household stain cleaner to remove stains from shades

Do not put lamp shades into your dishwasher. This can ruin their integrity or disfigure the shade.

Ceiling Fans

Cleaning your ceiling fan blades can reduce the amount of dust and debris that gets spread throughout your home.

  • First, remove the bulbs and clean
  • Detach the globes and wash with warm soapy water, allow them to dry completely before replacing
  • Next, gently wipe the fan blades with a damp cloth

When wiping the fan blades do not pull down on them or use them to steady yourself while on a ladder.


Chandeliers are perhaps the most difficult light fixture to clean. This should be done cautiously and with two people. Cleaning your chandelier can be done on a quarterly rotation.

  • Unscrew the light bulbs, clean as previously discussed
  • Remove crystal pieces and place in warm soapy water
  • Rinse and dry each piece thoroughly
  • Wipe the body of the chandelier with a microfiber or other dusting tool of your preference
  • Reassemble the chandelier

We hope that by using these tips to clean your light fixtures your home will continue to shine bright.


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