How Hospitable is your Hotel Room?

//How Hospitable is your Hotel Room?

How Hospitable is your Hotel Room?

When planning/packing for a vacation there are some items besides clothing that you might what to think about taking with you. Whether you are staying for a short or long period of time there are some comforts from home that can make your trip more pleasant. Here is a list of a few things to consider taking with you on your vacation.


The comforts of your own bedding can make a difference between a good and a bad night’s sleep. Besides that, your own bedding, i.e. sheets, blankets, and pillowcases, are guaranteed to be clean. However, in theory, hotel linens should also be clean, but if this is something that concerns you, pack extra linens of your own when planning a stay in a hotel.


To make your hotel stay more luxurious, or to just make it feel more like home, pack some of your favorite comforts from home. For instance, bring with you your comfy slippers and robe. These items will make you feel warm and cozy. Slippers will also be nice when walking around hotel floors or tiled bathroom areas. Pack your own shampoos and body washes. The familiar scents can be relaxing and give you the sense of your at-home bathroom routine to help keep you feeling regular.


Stock the pantry. While most hotels offer a continental breakfast or have small convenience stores located inside, packing your own snacks can be helpful. Whether it is just a single serving of cereal or a soup cup, little snacks like these are easy to pack along with you and they allow you to be able to eat at your own convenience. Non-perishable foods like protein bars, chips, or teas are also snacks that are easy to pack in your suitcase but are also easy to store in your hotel room because they require no refrigeration.

How do you pack for a vacation? Is there anything special that you bring along?

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