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Those of us who have pets know the endless amounts of joy that they bring into our lives. However, being a pet owner makes one very familiar with the unrelenting quantities of pet hair our furry companions can bring with them. Here are a few tips and tricks to use when purging your home of pesky pet hair.

It’s All About the Vacuum

Perhaps the most important thing needed to begin building your arsenal of pet hair removal tools is a good vacuum. Most conventional vacuums are not designed to suction up pet hair. So, when looking of the right vacuum for you, it is important to make sure you research the features, capabilities, and accessories of the potential vacuum. Many vacuums also offer different models based upon the type of hair you pet has; ensuring the ultimate cleaning experience.

It is also vital that you maintain your chosen vacuum’s cleanliness. For example, make sure to empty your vacuum’s canister after each use. Clean or replace vacuum filters regularly. Keep hair and other debris from tangling in the roller brush at the head of the vacuum. Flip your vacuum over to inspect the roller brush and cut out hair as needed.

Keep Them Groomed

A second line of defense to protect, not only the condition of your vacuum, but your home as well against an immense buildup of pet hair is a regular grooming routine for your pet. The more your pet gets groomed the less hair there will be to end up on your floors. De-shedding tools can also help to loosen and remove your pet’s dead undercoat.

Tips and Tricks

A helpful tip for vacuuming pet hair off furniture is to spray it with static guard before you begin. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then start vacuuming; this assists in releasing pet hair from the fibers of the furniture, making it easier to vacuum off.

Checking and upholding the conditions of the air filters around your home will also help to improve air quality and lessen the amounts of pet dander in the air. Pull out filters monthly and rinse off any hair that has accumulated on them, dry thoroughly before putting them back. Also, be sure to explore the vast array of the products on the market specifically designed to rid your home’s air of pet hair and dander.



Brandy Goodman, employee since 2017, is the Human Resources Office Manager of COVERT Cleaning Inc. of Montana. Regularly attends Chamber of Commerce events to further continue to grow COVERT Cleaning’s presence within the community.

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