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//First Impressions

First Impressions

Commercial and Residential entries should be one of our first areas of focus when cleaning.  Both have the heaviest traffic and give clients and guests their first view of your business or home.  Here are some quick tips for maintaining this area:

Floor mats (aka the 24 hour janitor)

COVERT Cleaning can never talk about these enough.  Make sure you have floor mats for the exterior and interior of your entry.  Your exterior ones should be heavy duty to remove dirt/snow/mud.  Interior can be more decorative.  Many of our clients have company logos on them.  Shake out your exterior and vacuum the interior.  Also replace them when they are worn.

Sweep or vacuum the floor of your entryway and walkway

we recommend daily as there is always dirt and dust from the traffic and the elements.

Update your entryway decor

keep seasonaly appropriate.  Make sure your winter decorations go back into hibernation when spring has sprung.  Recognizing each season keeps the area fresh and visually appealing.

Replace ailing flora

Sometimes we just need to let go and send our flowers and plants to a better place. Spring flowers and lush greenery do a lot for a front porch or walkway.

Door numbers and signs

make sure they are clean and easy to read from the street.  This is not only good for customers and guests, but don’t forget delivery people and emergency responders.  GPS is great, but we still rely on signs and house or building numbers.

Clean your doors regularly – both sides

Dust down the exterior door regularly as being exposed to the elements can get it dirty quickly.  Be sure to clean glass on your doors too.

Wipe down the mailbox 

If you have front door mail delivery, make sure your mailbox is clean.  Ensure your flag for pick up is easy to see from the street.

I know we listed a lot of tasks, but they are quick to complete and can easily be incorporated into your daily and weekly cleaning.  Everyone enjoy the good weather and extra sunshine!

If you have a cleaning concern you would like us to address in tips and tricks, please message us on Facebook or contact us through our website at  Also, follow us on Instagram @covertcleaninginc







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