Cleaning Your Toilet: What a Dump

//Cleaning Your Toilet: What a Dump

Cleaning Your Toilet: What a Dump

Of all our household appliances, cleaning the toilet ranks fairly low on the “Fun Meter.” However, descaling your toilet does not have to be all that bad; with these tips, you should have a sparkling latrine fit for a queen.

What is Limescale?

Before you embark on your cleaning quest you should probably know what limescale is. Limescale is a combination of chalk and limestone that is brought into your home by water passing through faucet taps and other appliances. Coequally it is known as ‘hard’ water.

How to Remove

There are several ways to descale your toilets and numerous commercial grade products available on the market to do so. However, here are just a few descaling methods using common household products.


  • Pour 1 liter of Distilled White Vinegar into the toilet bowl. Making sure that while pouring you also get down the sides of the bowl.
  • Let sit for 3-4 hours
  • Scrub the toilet bowl
  • Finish by flushing the remainder of the residue


Sandpaper can be used to help buff away the hard to dissolve limescale.

  • Begin with medium-grain sandpaper. Gently, as to not scratch the bowl, buff away the scale build-up.
  • Next, use fine-grain sandpaper to polish off the remaining limescale stain.
  • Finish off by flushing the residue and continue to clean the toilet using your normal cleaning routine.

Questionable Products

There are some myths on how to descale your toilets. Here are some products that may or may not work for removing limescale build-up.


It is said that by pouring a liter of coke into the toilet bowl and letting it sit overnight limescale will be completely removed. The acid in the soft drink is supposed to eat away and dissolve the limescale deposit. Although, instead of removing build-up it can color the stain making it look even worse.


While this chemical may remove the look of scale build-up it will not completely dissolve or descale.

Have any of these myths worked for you? Share with us what other descaling methods you have used in the past.

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