Cleaning Computers and Keyboards

//Cleaning Computers and Keyboards

Cleaning Computers and Keyboards

We spend more time at our desks than we realize.  Be it home or work, keeping your desktop clean and free of unused items will make you more efficient and organized.  Here are some of COVERT Cleaning’s favorite tips and tricks for making your time spent in front of screens more enjoyable:

  • Don’t let mail pile up on your desk – sort, then toss or file
  • Keep a coaster for drinks to keep your desktop clean and clear of rings
  • Dust computer towers and stands frequently (we like feather dusters or Swiffers)
  • Clean your computer screens with microfiber cloths – do not use chemical on screens
  • Use cotton swabs to clean between keys on your keyboards – If needed, use canned air too

Our commercial cleaning clients LOVE working in a clean space.  Try adding a few of these practices to your work or home offices.

If you have a cleaning concern you would like us to address in tips and tricks, please message us on Facebook or contact us through our website at  Also, follow us on Instagram @covertcleaninginc




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