Burr it’s Cold in Here

//Burr it’s Cold in Here

Burr it’s Cold in Here

Before storing your window A/C units for the winter it is vital to deep clean them to ensure they are in working condition for next summer. Here are a few different methods for cleaning your window A/C unit.


First, your A/C unit should always be stored properly; meaning, indoors and wrapped in plastic sheeting or a tarp. When turning on your A/C and you notice a moldy or mildew smell here is what you can do to fix.

  • Fill a spray bottle with Hydrogen Peroxide. * Do NOT use alcohol or bleach, these chemicals can be flammable and toxic
  • Turn the A/C off and spray the front of the unit (make sure to spray inside of the grates)
  • Allow for full dry time before you turn the unit back on
  • If a deeper cleaning is needed you can remove the filter and spray it down with Hydrogen Peroxide as well


  • To begin, turn off the unit and remove its front panel. Remove the filter by either sliding it down or pulling it up from its slot, depending on the model or your unit.
  • Rinse the filter under warm water to clean off dirt, grime or pet hair build-up
  • Next, gently dry the filter with a soft cloth and then let it air dry completely
  • Replace the filter into the A/C unit (Check your filter monthly, when the unit is in use, to see if it needs to be replaced)

Inside the Unit

  • Unscrew the unit’s exterior casing and remove to expose the back aluminum fins
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to dust away debris from the fins (you can even use compressed air to spray dust off of the inside fins and coils)
  • Vacuum away, with your household vacuum attachments or a shop vac, any debris from the A/C unit’s interior
  • Next, spray a cloth with your preferred household cleaner or just a damp rag to wipe out the inside (avoid spraying cleaner directly into the unit)
  • Let the inside of the unit dry completely before storing

How often do you clean your window A/C units? Which cleaning methods work for you?




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